This is my first go at a photo essay. I took a photography class from my favorite instagrammers @hobbs_photoandfilm and these photos were taken my fourth week into manual photography. I am over the moon that I am on my way to beginning my photography ventures. I ‘m so proud of myself. My goal is a day in the life photos or documentary family photography.

I stayed with my cousin while she recovered from surgery. I loved seeing Aunt Mopsy and taking W and O to play. The week ended with Mesissa’s birthday.

Playing in the backyard.
Centennial Park
Shadow Play.
Dragon Park.
Neighborhood walk with O.
GrandPat came to visit Melissa for her birthday.
The gang came to celebrate.
Here’s to another year. I love you, Mesissa.


  1. Lee F.

    This is such a lovely story. I missed your voice, but you speak beautifully with your eye and perspective. (Plus your caption game is strong – especially with your evocative naming of your people.) Cannot wait to see and hear more. The new blog format is fantastic. I’m hooked.

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  2. Amy Swank

    Oh my goodness- the photos are beautiful! I’m so excited to see more of your work! Way to go Martee- you’re making things happen for yourself…so proud of you! xoxo

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