Anorexia- beginning thoughts

We all would like to think that our child will never  get sick. When Addy first got sick at age 11, I was dumbfounded. I mean I knew she had anorexia. I wasn’t surprised at the diagnosis because I had known before the doctors and eating disorder experts. I was shocked because I had been careful. I had tried not to criticize my own body … Continue reading Anorexia- beginning thoughts

Hysterectomies and Girls with disabilities

Heaven help me and Mercy me. Mim is 10. Her first friend got her period. This event is a rite of passage and every woman has something to say about a child in third grade at the age of 8 starting her period. We all talk about when we got our period. The age. The day. The place. The song on the radio. I remember … Continue reading Hysterectomies and Girls with disabilities

Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School June 2018

The website for Maranatha Baptist Church said that arriving by 5:30am would likely lead to no trouble in acquiring a seat in a pew of the church for President Carter’s Sunday School. I left Decatur at 2:45 and arrived at 5:25am. Through the darkness I could see that the church was on the edge of town. Plowed fields and trees with dramatic hanging limbs were … Continue reading Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School June 2018

When I am angry, sad or losing it…

I think of what to say around dinnertime after you are long gone. OHHH And it is good. My comebacks and witty retorts are so good. And I ruminate on my marinating thoughts of what I should have said. My stewing gets me nowhere. Sooooooo, *I take a bath. *I light candles with names like lavender dream, stress relief and clean laundry. *I tell myself … Continue reading When I am angry, sad or losing it…