Gotcha Day

The complete insensitivity and the utter joy wrapped up in the title of this day. Mim’s Gotcha Day is in February and we celebrate with balloons, cupcakes and a trip to Goodwill for more high heels. I revel in the day and the happiness of the memory of meeting our baby girl. The cosmic folly […]



I’m attempting a shift. A new idea. Focusing on problems will not get me far. I’m focusing on the relationships. I learned this from Black people. (How can I say, I learned this from Black people? I mean the whole of Black civilization did not appear to me and me alone and deliver me from […]



I’m late on resolutions or manifestations or intentions. I was afraid of getting caught up in the moment and overcommitting. But I have narrowed down my goals for this year. Balls to the walls. Here we go. ~Enjoy reading without feeling guilty. ~Buy Vintage chairs big enough for patting Mim and has my love of […]