Sometimes I surprise myself and Recipe for Apple Pie

First of all, it is December 1st and I am wrapping my 18th tiny treat for our advent gifts. I’m a little ahead this year. Don’t tell me- you finished your Xmas shopping before Halloween. (I’m not listening.) So I cut some wrapping paper to wrap up a box of Mim’s favorite jelly beans. It is a long rectangular box and I completely underestimated when I cut the wrapping paper. But Supermom to the rescue. Last time I wrapped, I saved a long rectangular piece of the same pink Christmas paper in the knife drawer. The drawer is difficult to open because I have shoved too much in there. The wrapping paper is wedged in the back crack of the drawer but my chubby little fingers work swiftly. I patch the opening and the jelly beans are no longer exposed. Genius elfin magic.

Advent gifts are hanging from the drapery rod I neglected to take down after Frida (the bulldog puppy) peed on the edge of the curtains. I am like a recycling queen.

The only superness I accomplished this Thanksgiving holiday was the apple pie.

As a gift to you, I will share my apple pie recipe without the stupid photos, videos, and ads that make it impossible to find the recipe.

Apple Pie


  • 2 store bought pie crust
  • 4-5 apples different types don’t forget a green apple or two
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • splash of vanilla
  • half a stick of real butter

– Leave the pie crust out on the counter for a couple of hours. Attempt to wake your teenage children with the excitement of the Macy’s Day Parade. No response.

– Stab the bottom of one pie crust with a fork and bake the pie crust for 5 minutes at 250 degrees

– Peel the apples

– Realize that you are out of white sugar. Simply refuse to go to the store on Thanksgiving.

– Chop apples

– Drip lemon juice on chopped apples

Take kids out for Thanksgiving dinner at Mary Mac’s.

Southern dining and brown carpet. the best part of dinner was when the kids cracked each other up by sharing their double jointed fingers and thumbs.

– Dump a cup of brown sugar on top of apples.

Take a break with the kids and go on a hike with friends.

On the way to the hike at Arabia Mountain, Subaru starts overheating. Randy in Metter had fixed the Subaru two days ago. He replaced a belt and bypassed the air conditioner compressor to save us time and money, so I could get home in time for Thanksgiving. As I get on 285, the Subaru starts overheating and I get off at the next exit. We wait for Addy to come pick up the kids for the hike. She is limited on time because she needs to get to her Thanksgiving #2 at her boyfriend’s mom’s house. While she races the kids to Arabia Mountain to meet our friends, I coast and drive very slow with hazards on to town and leave the wagon at a closed mechanic’s garage. I call friends to pick up me and Frida and take us home. The third person is not in the middle of Thanksgiving Dinner. Mollie and Ella pick us up and graciously take us right home

– Notice that there is brown liquid in the bottom of the apple bowl. Hmmmmm?

Bing- Read text from BeBe. We need a ride home from the hike. we can’t al fit in friend’s car.

Elizabeth and Linus in the Golden Hour
My friend, Amy takes the best photos of Mim.
Damn Subaru. I hate missing Golden Hour.

Drive Mum’s old car that BeBe usually drives to Arabia Mountain for pick up. Find family and friends bounding toward the base of the mountain. Hugs all around. Back home.

Stolen from Addy’s Instagram

– Pour brown liquid (which is part juice form the apples and part juice from the brown sugar) into a sauce pan with the butter and vanilla. Add two table spoons of flour. Stir. Stir.

– Heat on medium.

– Put chopped apples in half baked pie crust.

– I was a little worried because it is starting to look like caramel. Quickly take off heat. Pour mixture over apples in the hopes that the goo will melt into apples while pie is baking.

– Have a family member slice up extra pie shell and decorate the top of pie. No need to fuss. It will taste good. George did a traditional criss cross pattern.

– Bake at 350 degrees as long as an episode of Atypical.

Sit with kids on couch because they are hardly ever home watching tv with you.


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