Just a little happy

I’m home alone and feeling out what one does when home alone. It’s pretty fun. I cleaned some but I didn’t even finish-my own little act of rebellion. I didn’t even vacuum yet but I made sure to water my plants and move around trinkets and tchotchkes. I think it counts as cleaning if you use Windex. (Reminds me of that movie Big Fat Greek Wedding.)

Important to laugh out loud. Right?

After the kids left yesterday (Williamsburg with their dad), I continued working at my new job. I’M A LIBRARIAN!!!!!! AHHHHHHHCCCKKKK. SO FREAKING EXCITING.

I’ll be working at the same school where I have been in special education but now I’ll be a librarian. Sounds dreamy and it is. I have worked a number of hours each day this past week. My school got out a week before Mim’s school, but if she knew that I never could have gotten her to school. The alarm would go off every morning at 5:50 and I would go off to my job right on time. Only a few staff would be there like office people and the building people. Mim would go on her bus never the wiser.

So far in the library, I have completed the genrefication of the chapter books. I know right. Genrefication– totally new word for me. I love learning new words.

I took thousands of books ( well I haven’t actually counted the books), moved the stacks to tables, googled the books that I hadn’t read and figured out the genre and the reading level. I wanted to only keep books that are good for kids in kindergarten through third grade. I kept the reading levels under seventh grade. I went back and forth between Goodreads, Scholastic and sites that give information about lexile levels. Books that were too high are going to be moved to the Upper Campus at my school. Then, I arranged the books one the shelves by the windows. The library was L shaped and I wanted it more rectangular so I can see all the kids and no one can be around a corner. I’m beyond excited. I worked without pay because I was enjoying myself. Oh- and I had to hide from Mim. Next week I genrefy the picture books! Have mercy, I’m lucky. I get to have my hands and eyes on so many books.

I kept the dogs company and stopped by my neighbor’s end of school year party. I brought my bottle of Black Cherry soda that I had been saving and tried to make small talk. I am so talkative but I am awful, AWFUL at parties. I left my phone inside so I could focus but I was uncomfortably lame. Addy had left the soda for me along with a big whit hydrangea a week ago when she cleaned my house. I know- I told you I was lucky. My 22 year old sometimes, just shows up while I am work and I arrive home to a sparkling house.

And that is when I got a wild hair. I’ll just take myself to the movie. The theater closest to my house is cheapish and next to a Marshall’s. Win- win. The movies turned out to be awesome. BOOK SMARTS.

Book Smarts. So good but – this preview has a lot of adult words which should be called teenage words. Go see it now. You will laugh out loud and you need that.

And I bought a dress at Marshall’s. 1,000 points for me because I tried it on before buying. Not my specialty. I’m more of a blind to my look shopper. The dress cost $59.99. which is a lot for Marshall’s. The cashier actually discouraged me. “You don’t want to pay sixty dollars. Do you?” I was tough and said “Yes, I do.” A growth experience. I bought a bottle of water from Marshall’s so technically I saved money because water at the movie theater is a million dollars.

I went to bed watching how stupid Trump has been lately. “Do you know who got me elected? I got me elected.” Yep. He actually said that. [I was going to add a link to Trump pontificating but I can’t. Too revolting.] Impeach.

I would have listened to my favorite podcast but I’m almost all caught up with all of the episodes and I was afraid of nightmares. Well, they are actually daymares. I keep thinking I see shadow people or a figure disappears from the corner of my eye. I have a good imagination. But I totally recommend Ghosts in the Burbs by Liz Sauer. I listen to the podcast on itunes.

I have never liked ghosts stories and I love this podcast. Ghosts in the Burbs.

I think I will go find some lunch now. I just ate the last string cheese and the kitchen is pretty empty. Happy Saturday. Peace and love.


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