long weekends

May I always stop the car and take the pictures…

sometimes my eyes that need glasses don’t even see the photo that I took. it is sheer hope and faith. and then here it is. exactly what i wanted to see.
may the light always be this sweet and may my girl almost always agree to stand by the flowers
nothing perfect. but a braid, sunshine on her shoulder, and sunflowers taller than me
to have a cousin with you is such a gift. to be on equal footing not because of ability but because of love
sometimes i like my mistakes as much as my successes
there were bugs and prickers but we ignored them so we could walk under the canopy and see cucumbers turn from yellow to green
to prove i was there
polka dots from target next to a red zinnia (or at least i call these zinnias) sometimes i make up names of trees and flowers because i want to know them intimately
to be amazed by fruit on a tree
and grapes on a trellis
dress borrowed from rosemary and shoes by vans purchased at the mall when we went to pick up George’s tux and stayed too late eating california pizza kitchen
brought to you by an iphone and mother nature (for my 47th birthday, addy got my friends and family to put in for a new camera for me. lucky me. it came with a phone.)

I’m lucky. I have always had the ability to stop. To piddle. To look at cows or clouds. To listen to crickets. To wait while my child changed her shirt for the fourth time. To watch them jump into the pool as they scream “watch me, mama.” I’ve caught so much beauty just by stopping.

This long weekend was in Hilton Head with my mom and my sister’s family. The garden is the community garden of their neighborhood which is called Hilton Head Plantation but I don’t like to admit that because plantation is such a loaded word.

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