Ohhh Mim and flowers

After school, the dog park, homemade cookies, Dolly’s lacrosse pick up, frozen pizza, and George’s soccer drop off, Mim and I took off for a playground with a spinner. Boy, did we get lucky. Olmstead Park which runs parallel with the main drag Ponce de Leon had blooms for days. She humored me. Itook a couple of pictures.

She has this new fear. When we are in what she considers nature, she runs and grabs my arm with panic. She is afraid of animals because she watches nature shows on Netflix. Everyone loves David Attenborough. Right? She is walking in a park in the middle of the city of Atlanta and is completely fearful of wild animals- such as sharks, lions, hippos and bears. She has, also, developed a fear of squirrels.

Taking pictures makes me happy.

I love the tiny acne on her forehead as much as I love her plump lips and exaggerated eyebrows.

She is earnest with her wishes.

The spinning calmed her down and the perceived wildlife about to pounce from behind the Vibernum hyped her up. A bubble bath got us back on even ground.

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