Beach ready body- Kortni Jeane swimsuit

New colors and prints available. I want the pink. To see the newest suits in your size- click on words in bold and feel as good as I do in my new suit.

Damn sunscreen- won’t rub in. But look how cute the ruffles are.

Get ready. Watch out! I got a new swimsuit. Kortni Jeane suits. My cousin Melissa and my mom convinced me. Melissa loved her Kortni Jeane suit that she ordered– she has one that matches her baby girl. Too much.

You will be shocked by the ease of which I created my beach ready body. I bought a swim suit and put it on. Ta Da! I have a beach ready body. I was more concerned if the swim suit was beach ready. Can it handle the tugs of a 10 year old who grabs my boobs when a wave comes? Will I be able to wash the sand out after spending hours in a tide pool? And is the suit beach and pool ready? Will it scuff and pill when I sit on the concrete edge of the pool? Will the top stay up when I jump into the deep in to retrieve goggles and tiny plastic mermaids?

I believe I look cutest when i am taking care of someone. So all of these pictures show me at my best. And the swim suit and my body allow me to be beach and pool ready.

Yep! The answer is yes. My body and suit are ready for anything. The Korni Jeane suit is holding up well.

I love how they use models of every size and every body. And the mix and match prints are my kind of thing.

Oversized ruffle top

I got the oversized ruffle top. Oh yep. You got that right it is a bikini or at least bikini-ish. And the extended high waisted bottoms.

Extended high waisted bottoms

The swimsuit company had a lot of cute choices. I like two pieces for ease of going wee and for feeling like I did not buy yet another granny or maternity suit. I wore a black maternity suit for probably 8 years and it served me well. But it is time to move on. I am tired of Land’s End tugless tank. I did not buy black this summer. At the risk of being out of my black skirted comfort zone, I chose stripes and I love it.

I am including a link to the Kortni Jeane blog so you can see more swimsuits on more bodies, including the kids suits.

Kortni Jeane kids swimsuits

Prices for adult pieces range from $45 to $75. Kids prices are closer to $25. They have suits for teens, men and boys, also.

If it is time to Konmari your old black swimsuit, check out Kortni Jeane and it will be just right for the beach, the pool, and your self confidence..

It has been remarkable how good I feel in my Kortni Jeane suit. I believe it is mainly due to the use of every size models on the website. I feel included. I feel part of the bathing suit buying and wearing community. Thanks @Kortnijeane


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