July 2017 facebook post

There is something about being home and being lost. I start thinking my house is the problem. I'm furious with someone and I start to hate everything. Mim is talking more and constantly- she has been talking a lot for years but her conversational style has sped up and she asks questions non stop- which… Continue reading July 2017 facebook post

Cast of Characters

Family I can't really imagine writing much that doesn't include my family. My identity and personhood is pretty wrapped up in my being a part of my sweet family. I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt, A Mom. I have 6 kids. I wrote about my life as their mom. I write… Continue reading Cast of Characters

My Birth Story is 22 years Old

 Her due date was the 21st of January, but I had a dream earlier in the pregnancy and the date January 19th was circled on a calendar, so I changed the due date. This baby was coming the 19th. Four days past the due date, I woke Chad.  “My water broke.”   We rechecked the… Continue reading My Birth Story is 22 years Old

Visiting the High Museum- Yayoi Kusama exhibit, Infinity Mirrors

The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away- the Kusama exhibit with the kids Infinity Mirrors is playful, colorful, puzzling, mathematical and enchanting. So many patterns and angles and childlike wonder. Kusama's work is engaging for all ages and I'm so glad that the kids came with me. The lines are long. I won't sugar coat… Continue reading Visiting the High Museum- Yayoi Kusama exhibit, Infinity Mirrors