On facebook about Malik – post from summer 2017

This is a two year old repost of a Facebook post on my timeline. I am remembering that I am not in crisis. My children are safe. I pray for those whose children did not make it to adulthood. I have this creepy unsettled feeling. It has been following me around. It even gets in the car with me when I’m enjoying a ride. I’ve … Continue reading On facebook about Malik – post from summer 2017

it’s the little things

This picture I happened across while collaging- This. It just makes my heart sing. It floats my boat. It puts the sizzling tingle in my brain that makes me happy about the now and hopeful for the future. If this picture can exist… If this crochet toilet paper cover doll can exist in all it’s homemade glory… If this wallpaper could be chosen and applied … Continue reading it’s the little things