The Sock

The Sock– reworked in January 2023 I hung over the edge bent in the middle with my guts smashed and my feet dangling, as I fished a sock out of the bottom of the washer. I stretched, aggravated that my shortness was not compensated for when doing this eternal chore. Six kids can make laundry […]


Pithy Resolution Post

I don’t make resolutions because I am fifty. The absurdity and function of being fifty is that I know myself. What is the point of growing old if you can’t get comfortable with yourself? I am not saying that I am incapable of change or finished. Heck I could live another few decades and I […]


Dot Dot

Dad got home late from the bank. He always got home late from work. That money can’t watch itself. Actually, his excuse usually went something like-I was walking out the door and Jimmy Webb got on the elevator and we got to talking… Dad walked in taking off his tie and unbuttoning the top buttons […]