Happy Fourth Thursday of November

I’m eating out. Fried Chicken and pecan pie is what I plan to order at Mary Mac’s- an iconic Southern restaurant in Atlanta. No turkey but I never really liked turkey.

We might wait an hour but I bet it will be worth all the hassle.

This morning feels so good. I woke up and Dolly had already walked the dogs!

I’ve made Greek cinnamon logs and grits with half and half mixed in to put pounds on my cross country runner who needs to stop losing weight immediately. Both are delicious. He is on a run- but Mim and I are enjoying breakfast.

I’m so lucky. Whenever my dad has this feeling he said “God is good.” Or “it’s a great day to be alive.” I miss him.

Messy house. Happy dogs.

I hope you feel this good today. I’m avoiding celebrating Thanksgiving because of the indigenous people that the white people attempted to ruin. Gratitude is a great reason for a holiday.

No tree yet but we are ready. Mim is such a good parade partner as she watches TikTok on her iPod.
Apple pie preparation to bring to our friends for after our rambling hike.
She actually helped today. I’m so proud of her.

I hope your fourth Thursday in November soothes your weary brain and warms your heart while soothing your sweet body.

P.S.A. Talk positively about your beautiful functional body. Eat regular meals. Skipping will set you up for trouble. Be a good example to your loved ones and never assign moral judgement to your food. Oh- and you don’t deserve pie. You eat pie. You don’t have to exercise the food away. You are good because you are you. What you eat or neglect to eat does not make you superior.

We are all wonderful lights to the world when we wake up in the mornings and when we go to bed at night. What you eat or how far you run will not change your worth. I love you.

Love yourself like I love Frida Buttercup
So glad that BeBe is home

all photos without editing. Life is good as it is


  1. alysonearnest

    I love you too, Martee. I love your colorful home. I am going to the American Indian Heritage Museum today – again – and also to the Black History Museum. SO much to be thankful for, but not so much for how our country was built. Struggling with this. Fascinating when I pull myself up to the place above my emotions. Cheers to you, my new friend and kindred.

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