July in 2020

Some days, I have too many problems to count. But I’ll try.

  1. My iphone is broken. I left it in a rollicking thunder storm for about three hours. I put it in rice. It works about 20% of the time. Just enough to keep me checking it and plugging it in to different outlets with different chargers. My theory is it likes to be upright while charging so I hang it from Dolly’s twinkle lights. I can’t buy a new phone because A. I’m saving money, B. I’m committed to an economic Blackout from July 4-7th and there is no way T-Mobile is black owned.
  2. The floor underneath my washing machine is wet. I could use a plumber but there is the commitment to an economic Blackout, the need to save money, and there is the ever present Corona Virus. Which leads me to number three
  3. I may have been exposed to Corona Virus when in South Carolina. The people who may have exposed me have been tested in South Carolina BUT– SC has a big back up at their lab and test results are coming out at a snail’s pace- unlike the virus which is faster than the speed of light.
  4. Dekalb County has a small back up of testing appointments and so I wait.
  5. I have to do laundry with my possibly leaky machine. One of us wets the bed at my house and sheets, blankets and underwear have to be washed- whether there is a leak or not. I can’t go to a laundry mat because of Corona Virus and the economic Blackout. I am willing to risk my floor because I am having my bathroom redone asap and the laundry is adjacent to the bathroom. I may have fixed the leak myself by screwing some stuff in tighter but I’m not sure.
  6. My family may think I am over reacting. I have been overly anxious with all of these issues and I am crabby or teary. And I feel worse when I think they think I am being hyper sensitive or over vigilant.
  7. School. My work. ? What the hell.
  8. I postponed the bathroom remodel so that I would not expose the construction people. Now, I have more time to rethink all decisions and fuss. And live with my yucky bathroom longer.
  9. I can’t visit any of my friends, even in their driveways because I am scared I will infect them with the Corona Virus that I may or may not have.
  10. The worst anxiety with the Corona Virus is feeling like I am part of the problem. If I had been more careful. If I had been more insistent. If I had refused more relaxing of isolation. I hate this feeling. I take too much responsibility for the world’s problems – which is selfish or self aggrandizing of me to think that I have so much control and I feel bad for being selfish.
  11. Mim wakes up and says “I just want to do something fun today.” (Yeah. Me, too.) Yesterday, I came up with something. We went and got Addy’s tiny dogs to come to our house and play with our not tiny dogs. That was entertaining. Mim only had two flip outs. Which brings me to number twelve.
  12. Mim was roller skating and tried to catch herself on a hot grill. Luckily, she only had a small burn. It is on her thigh- like two inches long and 1/8 inch wide. She handled it fairly well for her. But- How can she play with the tiny dogs if she is not wearing pants (because they jump and scratch with their tiny dog nails). Pants would touch her burn. She searched through a pile of unmatched socks for thigh high ones and was unsuccessful. But I thought of a hack!!! She wore knee socks and I cut the toes out of other socks and pulled them up to her thighs so that the dogs could not scratch her legs. She wore short shorts with the creative leg warmers and other than the fact that is was 100 degrees, all was right in her world. For a minute.
  13. July 4th has become the Christmas that I found out there is no Santa Claus. (It was my favorite holiday because A. no pressure B. very little preparation C. easy color scheme for dressing up your children in patriotic wear D. I love summertime fun E. Usually involves a silly parade, swimming and a picnic F. a freaking amazing photo opportunity.)
Have you ever seen a sadder bathroom? Check out my sock hack and if you look very closely, you can see Mim’s booboo.

I would have 13 problems in 2020.

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