it’s the little things

Behold a thing of beauty.

This picture I happened across while collaging- This. It just makes my heart sing. It floats my boat. It puts the sizzling tingle in my brain that makes me happy about the now and hopeful for the future. If this picture can exist… If this crochet toilet paper cover doll can exist in all it’s homemade glory… If this wallpaper could be chosen and applied behind this sweet pale pink toilet, maybe the world is OK after all. And if someone can recognize the beauty in this Southern Belle atop a commode next to flocked floral wallpaper then there are people like me in the world. I am not alone. Beauty exists and can still be discovered in the most unlikely places. And those places don’t have to be across the world or exotic destinations. These places housing beauty can be next door or even inside atop our commode.

Is pink toilet paper still sold? I need some.

I need to replace a visual migraine that looms over my bed.

37 holes

These holes represent disrespect. I have looked at the offensive holes for over 6 months. I asked my ex husband if he could hang a swinging chair that I got for Mim for her birthday last year. (I believed the swing to be an answer to my prayers. Swings are supposed to settle Mim and provide input like an occupational therapist could. I was sure that it would reduce the number of meltdowns she would have. In summary, the swing was important to me.) He hung the swing. It took him 37 holes to find a stud. (That is not a pun.) I should be thankful that he hung the swing but we don’t always feel charitable and grateful. Do we? Sometimes we just feel blatantly disrespected.

I am going to fix this injustice perpetrated upon the ceiling above my bed.

It is a work in progress.
For perspective. Sorry- it is a mess.

The photo was found in Frankie Magazine issue #83. The photograph was attributed to Getty Images.

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