The Wilds of Nashville

Otis moved to this camper a month ago with his sister, parents, and his dying cat. I love how he is the big brother and a thumb sucker.
Willa and Otis could each bring one stuffed animal and they both chose the snoopy I gave them for Christmas. Their mom, my cousin Mesissa, removed the batteries.
After a swim in the Old Hickory lake, Willa needed a ride back to the campsite.
The shady road had a humongous tree- a three hundred year old god. Otis had taken his training wheels off his bike a few days earlier and he had bicycle fever.
I think this is the second shade Willa insisted on breaking.
Luckily, Annie stopped by to visit with Foxy. She is planning a move to Kansas City. Now that Mesissa has left the block it just isn’t the same. Mim immediately wanted to be her friend.
Nothing better than a fire and some baseball gloves.
This is a scene in my movie. It will never play in theaters but it is a beaut.
A two year old smiles this big when she is where she shouldn’t be. Her dad was draining gray water tanks and using tools from this camper storage area, which lies under the parents’ bed. Willa was “helping.”

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