First Annual pINK and rED Luncheon

Imagine the glow of a Nancy Meyers movie scene- the day after the party…Half drunk bottles of Izze Sparkling Blackberry soda, a pyramid of red jello cups, a treasured glass pitcher with red roses printed on it from the 50s filled to the brim with Twizzlers, a footed pink milkglass dish overflowing with the iconic candied hearts, a phone case marled by pink glitter putty, a pot of pink tulips from the grocery store standing tall, bendy straws waiting in mid air for party goers to return. And the best part – the house in party mode- my favorite chenille coverlet draped over the kitchen table and puddling on our white washed floors, my favorite quilts covering the sofa, Mason jars of flowers spread around the house, the banjo and two guitars ready to entertain, a sink full of dishes. I drift to the kitchen dreamily- sleeping in after a lovely day of festivities. I reheat the day old coffee and linger to bask in the glow of morning light and prepare to bleach the spot where Frida peed at dawn.

Our first annual red and pink lunch was a glorious covid- wise event. My four children and one Lizzy- the babysitter, best friend and girlfriend attended. Most appreciated the request to wear all pink and red. They even smiled for my video recorded toast. We dined on all pink and red foods- not all were processed. The strawberry shortcake was divine. It felt good. Deep down good.

Our jello, pudding and applesauce pyramid is quite stable.

Next year for the Second Annual Pink and Red Luncheon, we are considering expanding the guest list and adding streamers.

Love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love. There is no end to love. No box it can be put in. No form it does not welcome. Invite it in and the possibilities are endless. May we all have love that warms us.

I was surprised by Valentines this year. Sabrina sent me a live heart shaped succulent. D’arcy brought over a cad saying why I’m a good friend. Susan sent me a cheerful sunshiney book. Addy had the grocery store deliver flowers, Hershey hugs, BeBe’s kombucha, and Coke Zero. (Addy had planned a delivery of Krispy Kreme but the very next day, our beloved relic of a doughnut shop burnt down.) Lizzy gave me a vintage heart shaped pillow. And Frida. Frida gave of her sweet soul. My children were delightful cupids floating through the condo with their tiny bow and arrows.

I am loved.

Nancy Meyers movie Houses- I would not choose the same order as this editor.

I love you. Peace out.

I may have borrowed a bit from the movie Taladega Nights.

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