The loo Redo

Current bathroom.

First, let me give you a sense of my style. If I had to give it a name– “Your Swedish Granny Who Ran Away With Gypsies But Returned Home With Hopes To Live at The Greenbrier” (All of these photos were found on my Pinterest boards called The Loo, Absolutely, and That Aesthetic.

Tall plants, mismatched painted wood, french linens and a certain airiness that comes with ultra high ceilings and the way the sun filters through the windows in Paris (I’ve never been to Paris. I am ashamed to admit, I have never left the US except for a Disney Cruise in the late 80s.)
Mix patterns, wallpapers, ball fringe
Let the world be your canvas!
Quilts, Eiderdown, Iron beds, collections of books and flowers
Never adhere to one style. Mix old and new. Thrift with heirloom with luxury. Humongous windows letting in all the sunshine for the soul and the plants.
The color of swimming pool water. Kitsch. Baby photos. Bark cloth curtains.
Fireplaces, wallpaper, and carefree color.
Bamboo trim, bold wallpaper, huge prints in tiny spaces.
The Greenbrier in West Virginia. Dorothy Draper design!
Black and white floors. Give me Super Size. But don’t make me dress up in heels. I bet those women even have on panty hose and girdles.
Sweetness. Looks like a petit four for a Christening party.
Little doodads, eucalyptus, vintage mirrors. Light all the candles.
Could I live in here? I could follow my future grandchildren. Or I could park it in my driveway for outings and visitors. And the sunset would glow and shimmer.

Finally- the point of this post (other than distracting me from the quarantine and procrastinating from doing my taxes which is ironic because I need the money to do the bathroom redo.) THE LOO.

Current bathroom. Picture some mildew that will not bleach away hidden in crevices. Gross drawers. Large mirror without any personality. Light blue tile painted white and now showing through.

Choice One

The sink is a yes! The wall tile is cool. I love that I found it in pink. The concrete floor is easy for cleaning and chill. I love bees but I need more color in my wallpaper.
Pink tile from Home Depot to use on walls.
I found the sink on Amazon for less than $300.
I like this relaxed mirror, light fixture, and the Daisy photo but I would use a recent one of Mim. I would lean more toward a vintage mirror, probably.
Or color
Concrete floors in bathrooms seem doable and possibly cheap?
This floor would copy the hexagon on the walls. I think I would like it. Maybe a lot of dirt would show?

Choice two

I love the pink for a wall tile. I would pair shiny tile with matte tile.
The sink in Choice One wouldn’t go with this tile. I would need a more traditional white sink.

Choice three

This floor tile. Add cool high pattern wall paper. And plain white tile.

choice Four

Again, I wouldn’t use shiny wall tile and matte floor tile- but I do looovvee the rich green floor. I could use plain white tile on walls?

choice five

This green floor is amazing, too. So luxurious and rich. Emeralds. No black- that is not me.

Opinions welcome and wanted. Let’s all pray that I actually get the bathroom redone this summer and that I don’t just talk about it for another year!

To Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Mercy, we pray for unfinished projects to be completed.


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