End the R word

First Posted March 6, 2014

End the R word.

You see Mim’s perfection. Her joy. Her purity. Her beauty. Smetimes we catch people seeing her disability (what was once referred to as mental retardation) which isn’t a problem. Her disability makes her special. Amazing really. At age 5, disability is usually acceptable if not downright adorable but I see vans of ignored adults with disabilities shuttled to no where we would choose and I feel protective. The word retarded became uglier when people started using it to describe something foolish or stupid. When you use that word to make fun of your friend’s antics, you aren’t trying to be mean to Mim. But that words does hurt Mim. It perpetuates this idea that people with a cognitive disability are less than. The R word makes me scared that people will want to separate her from this wonderful life and endless possibilities, and that someone will stick her in a van with no choices and no empowerment. Mim is more than her disability. Mim offers the world truth. Mim is not less than.

Stop the R word so people will always see Mim’s possibilities. Start by stopping it in your house, then move to your carpool, your team, your school.

I am incredibly grateful for your love of Mim.


  1. CaseyJoshi

    I am completely with you and Mim in the stop to end the R word! I had to first start with stopping myself from saying it…then moved on to people in my close circle that I converse with on a daily basis and that has helped them stop using it as well! And now I feel comfortable saying it in general when someone uses it and explaining to them why it is not okay to use that word anymore!

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