Money, Honey.

Found on Facebook site Grown & Flown

I feel actual rage when you post that instead of getting my child birthday or Christmas presents I should take them on a vacation because experiences are better than materialistic gifts. Oh Gawd- thanks for the enlightenment. I’ll return the Chromebook they need for school that cost $195 and get them a plane ticket, a week of hotels, meals and fees for the rainforest zipline. I wish I had thought of that. I was just thinking what do they need more new cleats for soccer or a laptop for class? Maybe your child can google the answer on her new Macbook. My internet is slow because I am trying to cut back on expenses. I’m sure your googler is faster because you have the best service to find the best deals. (I actually want you to go on vacation and buy your kids stuff and live in a spacious house with speedy wifi. I want you to enjoy your life. I can be envious. Forgive me.) Maybe I need to take a vacation from Facebook. But really the giving advice about how to have a good holiday is over the top.

I just hate these posts.

From a blogger Mommyonpurpose. Is there any way that woman could have birthed that boy sitting next to her?
While the regular people sit at home and wrap the gifts we managed to afford because our dream is to raise bratty children. More from mommyonpurpose

I tried listening to the advice of Facebook friends and shopping at Costco and traveling during the off season. We can’t get to our bedrooms because toilet paper rolls have filled the hallway and I work during the off season. It isn’t easy.

I don’t complain much about money but I just wish more people understood poverty.

And I’m not even poor.

Read Maid.

Leave your own perspective. Walk in someone else’s shoes. We aren’t homeless or hungry or cold. We are lucky and hardworking and struggling.

I’m ranting and fuming about Facebook but the truth is I’m actually angry because I did not know to apply for a homestead exemption and my property tax puts a dent in my ability to live pay check to pay check. And now I’m giving the City of Decatur and the County of Dekalb more money than I should have, had I known. Makes me feel foolish.

And that is infuriating.

I could catastrophize and think if I wasn’t single or if I was married- I bet Walt knows to apply for homestead exemptions.

And now, we are expected to put away our differences and vote for Biden because Bernie isn’t electable. Oh F. I wanted Warren. It is past time for a woman. Bernie and Biden should step aside and take note that woman have been ignored too long. It is our turn. I need better health insurance. I need a better salary for teachers. I need free college tuition. I need the government to tax the greedy billionaires instead of the middle class and the underrepresented. But no- let’s coalesce behind an old white man. The most redeeming quality of Biden is that he is friends with Obama and I love Obama.

I’ll have to go back to trying to win the lottery.

I’m voting for Warren in the primaries.

Illustration by @jackieannruizdraws

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