Addy- 23 on the 23rd

The beginning of things.
People would stop me and say she looks just like the Gerber baby.
Santa Barbara was paradise for having a baby. All my dreams came true.
A toddler living in Alexandria VA
This is how we travelled our world. Three under three.
Happy girls with her cousin Caroline.
They both had their favorite things. Tuck is on the Thomas train and Addy loved those shoes from her friend Maura.
Baby girls at the lake eating ice cream sandwiches.
Moved to San Diego for a bit.
Back in DC, we would go to the museums early when the cleaning crew was still working.
Baby George and Addy is ready to love him.
In Hilton Head. The ocean suits her.
Golden tan. Golden hair.
Daddy is getting a splinter out of her foot during a camping trip.
A photography project of her friend Piper.
Borrowed from her instagram.
Be still my heart.
Addy’s love. Ficken reminds me of restful waters. He infuses calm and understanding in her world.
Maybe and Arlo are their baby dogs. Ficken spoils Maybe and Addy favors Arlo.
In California.
This is vacation Addy and this is the Addy that resides in her soul.

Happy Birthday to my oldest child. Happy Birthday to my MaeMae. I love you mostest.

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  1. Hope Patterson

    This is Addy’s Golden birthday!! Something I didn’t learn about until last year when a friend of my daughters turned 12 on the 12th. 🙂 2 weeks ago Lily turned 13 on the 13th. I decorated using everything gold!!! My son wants to celebrate his Golden birthday next year when he turns 11. His is not officially until he turns 26. 😉 LOL! Happy birthday to Addy and well wishes to all of you!

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