Martee Rodi - Momoirist

My heart is on my sleeve. I am a mom of 6 (ages 10-21). I teach special ed kindergarten and first grade In Atlanta, GA. I wear two loopy ponytails. One of my talents is making nothing look like something. Here I go- my first blog.

long weekends

May I always stop the car and take the pictures… I’m lucky. I have always had the ability to stop. To piddle. To look at cows or clouds. To listen to crickets. To wait while my child changed her shirt for the fourth time. To watch them jump into the pool as they scream “watch […]



Patty Griffin When It Don’t Come Easy 🎵Red lights are flashing on the highwayI wonder if we’re gonna ever get homeI wonder if we’re gonna ever get home tonightEverywhere the waters getting roughYour best intentions may not be enoughI wonder if we’re gonna ever get home tonight It is an emergency. 2011 and we were […]


July 2017 facebook post

There is something about being home and being lost. I start thinking my house is the problem. I’m furious with someone and I start to hate everything. Mim is talking more and constantly- she has been talking a lot for years but her conversational style has sped up and she asks questions non stop- which […]


Made me a fool

His apartment was on the second floor of a house near Tulane University. The house was the kind of old where the hard wood floors slant to one side and the bathrooms will never be clean because mildew and mold will never die in Louisiana. It was Junior year of college and we had been […]


Sat at my feet

I cried and cried as she sat at my feet. I tried to wipe the tears casually with my shoulder. My hands were unavailable. It was a manicure/pedicure. On her tiny rolling stool she was almost kneeling at my feet and I felt way too out of my element. It felt downright lenten. I am […]