“The Love” Jennifer Hudson and Black Eyed Peas for Joe Biden

History will speak the horrors of Trump’s presidency. I speak Truth with a capital T. Which side will you be on?

If you had been alive in 1849, were you guiding Harriet Tubman and slaves on the Underground Railroad?

If you had been alive in 1943, were you hiding Anne Frank?

If you had been alive in 1960, did you send your white child to school with Ruby Bridges?

If you had been alive in 1963, were you marching and with Martin Luther King Jr?

In 1975, were you welcoming all children into your school, all adults into your workplace and all humans into your home, regardless of ability?

In 2015, were you celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling for same sex marriage?

In 2019, were you writing your leaders and pleading to reunite immigrant children with their parents?

In 2020, did you cry when George Floyd called out for his mother?

In 2020, did you wear a mask to save your neighbor?

In 2020, did you vote for Biden and Harris?

I choose the power of love over the love of power.

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