All 6 for a minute

When Pigs Fly…Where’s Tuck?Please, Mim.George uses his calming presence to bring Mim into the activity.We try leaving her alone.
Tuck decides to tease her and see if she will join us.This is the laughter before the tears.Five is good.
“When do we open our eyes?” Tucky asked.Gidge gets a halo. Apropos.She is as stubborn as the rest of us Rodis.Tucky!
So we are all clear- I know how lucky I am.Dolly 16, BeBe 20, Addy 23, Tucky one day from 22, Gidge almost 18, and (not shown) Mim 11
Mim gets in the car.Mim gets out of the car to yell at us that she is done.Photos taken March 30, 2020. Because mom begged. And pleaded and earlier that week, it had been mom’s birthday. Martee 48.



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