Love Languages of my Children

George (17 and a sweet soul) “Do you have everything you need?” He asked as I gathered my stuff for a writing conference. “Going to become a writer.” Making it sound like a fact.

Addy (just turned 23 which she believes to be an awful event)

BeBe (20 years old, a sophomore at UGA, just getting off work from Chick Fil A) called and caught me during a restroom break at the conference. When I told her where I was she said—-“Oh that’s so cool . Call me later. Nothing big. I was just calling to say hi.”

Walking in after 10:30pm from Pell City, Alabama. “I can’t believe you are still awake.” Mim (11 years old) “I need pattings.” (Pattings is Mim lying across my lap with her head hanging upside down a bit while her legs stretch across the edge of our couch. We have perfected this position and rhythmic bouncing to ease Mim’s sensory system. Something in her brain seems to be missing in terms of settling her self and a few other necessities. When we are away from each other, pattings is our reconnection.)

The next morning—-Dolly (16 years old and full of verve- a trait initially diagnosed as colic): Why are we listening to Hamilton?

Me: We have tickets in May and I want to be ready.

Dolly: It isn’t a sing along.

Three days later———- Tuck (21) while waiting for a bus departing UCSC campus and arriving at a familiar surf spot, “Have you been writing a lot?”

I am so lucky to be so loved. My favorite was probably Dolly’s. It has made me laugh multiple times- which only irritates her.

My dad Aubee would have stated, “I’m your biggest fan.” (Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of the day when he died.)


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