Why is FAT your biggest fear? STOP perpetuating the thin ideal.

Let’s review

Who cares if you gained weight over the holidays?

Why is fat your biggest fear?

How do you think it makes fat people feel when you post your fears of your jeans being tight or gaining a few pounds or needing to diet or all the morally evil food you ate at Aunt Evelyn’s?

Re- examine your life if your goal is to lose weight.


What do your children who have your genes and your body type learn from your self loathing?

Imagine your son hearing you demonize your glorious thighs and then going on instagram and liking a girl’s photo of her thigh gap.

Stop perpetuating myths and lies about bodies. You aren’t doing it for your health. You don’t even know about the health of obese people. You are just scared to go against the norms of body image in 2020. Rebel. Be you with whatever body you have and love your body.

How do people with physical disabilities feel when you criticize your working functional body because of some extra fat? You are being selfish and bitchy. Are people with physical disabilities less than because they don’t look like the ideal body?

I thought your soul and your brain and your humor and your personality were more important than your appearance. Or were those lies you fed your kids?

Reposted from Redefining Wellness

You can run. You can exercise. You can hike. You can eat healthy. You can eat unhealthy. You can wear pajamas. You can wear tight jeans. You can be sexy. You can be fat. You can buy new jeans. You can buy a bigger size. You can buy a smaller size. No one needs to know.

  • Don’t post numbers. Numbers are setting up others for competition. “I ran 9 miles.” “I lost 17 pounds.” “This cinnamon roll has 900 calories.” Don’t.
  • Don’t equate morality or goodness to food.
  • Don’t equate morality or ethics to exercise.
  • Don’t comment on other people’s bodies.
  • Don’t criticize your own body aloud.
  • Don’t criticize your own body in your head. Love that sweet person and her body. You are hearing yourself. You deserve love and acceptance.
  • Don’t comment on what people eat. At all.
  • Don’t comment on what you are eating. You cannot say “I really shouldn’t.” “I ran 6 miles today so I can eat one cookie.” “I didn’t eat breakfast so I could save room for lunch.” “This will go straight to my hips.” “I’m not eating carbs.” “I only eat organic.” “I am clean eating this month.” “I’m doing a whole 30.” “I’ve been good so I’m can have one piece of pie.” “I’m doing a juice cleanse.”
  • Eat everything in moderation.
  • Don’t vilify any food groups or foods. Food is the medicine for a person with an eating disorder. Fat is necessary for all of us. Bread is beautiful and delicious. We need food to live. Food is nourishment.

Mothers’ children die everyday of eating disorders. Children’s mothers die of eating disorders. Children’s fathers die of eating disorders. Do not contribute to a society that values thin over all life.

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