Beach ready body- Kortni Jeane swimsuit


New colors and prints available. I want the pink. To see the newest suits in your size- click on words in bold and feel as good as I do in my new suit.

Damn sunscreen- won’t rub in. But look how cute the ruffles are.

Get ready. Watch out! I got a new swimsuit. Kortni Jeane suits. My cousin Melissa and my mom convinced me. Melissa loved her Kortni Jeane suit that she ordered– she has one that matches her baby girl. Too much.

You will be shocked by the ease of which I created my beach ready body. I bought a swim suit and put it on. Ta Da! I have a beach ready body. I was more concerned if the swim suit was beach ready. Can it handle the tugs of a 10 year old who grabs my boobs when a wave comes? Will I be able…

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