SummaSummaSummer Tiiiiime

My goal is to have lots of fun with my kids and with myself but not feel rushed. A bucket list of sorts but clearly, I’m not dying- just a figure of speech. The dog days are coming soon and I am ready like only a teacher can be ready.

1.Road trip to my Mom’s high school reunion in Laurel Mississippi.

Who knows we might keep going until we get to Austin, Texas.

2.See Hometown HGTV stars Erin and Ben Napier or at least look at some of the houses they have restored in Laurel and go to their immaculately adorable store.

3.Sleep in a tent one night and one night only.

4.See the fireflies ascend on the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5.Figure out where my tax return money is/ make my ex-husband fix the mess he made.

6.Staple wax cloth onto our dining bench seat.

7.Paint something awesome for the library where I will be the new librarian.

8.Print two photographs poster size for the library @Parabopress

9.Find an appropriate throne for the new librarian to sit upon while reading to her enraptured class.

10.Visit thrift stores that I have never been to.

11.Go to the beach at least 30 days this summer.

12.Wake up and go to the beach and then stay all day and have pizza delivered to the beach around 8pm.

13.Sit in a beach chair at the shore line laughing with my friends and family and Melissa Babcock.

14. Shrug off house projects because the dogs will ruin everything anyway.

15.Hold baby Willa.

16.Play trucks with Otis in the sand.

17.Get my toes done with Rosemary, Jane and Mim.

18.Stay up late watching some classic 80s movies wth George, Dolly and Myra Jane.

19.Fall asleep on the couch with movie partners.

20.String solar powered lights around my patio.

21.Listen to every episode of Ghosts in the Burbs podcast.

22.Pick strawberries, mulberries, blueberries and blackberries.

23.Listen to second rate guitarists covering Taylor Swift, Jimmy Buffet and Train at a restaurant with a dock that specializes in fried shrimp.

24.Eat hushpuppies.

25.Take pictures almost everyday.

26.Make a terrarium.

27.Water my plants.

28.Ignore all the rules about weeknight dinners and just cook one awesome meal a week with a new recipe.

Chick pea salad recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen
Strawberry shortcake recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction

29. Let Mim swim in all the pools/ continue to sneak into the Hilton Head Westin.

30.Walk around Charleston to just look at the houses.

31.Make a diorama of one of my favorite picture books.

Diorama from Santa Clarita Library

32.Ride in the car with Addy while she sings to the radio.

33.Watch Gidge, Tuck and BeBe try to find surfable waves at Burke’s beach.

34.Walk the dogs at dusk when it is nice to look into neighbor’s picture windows with golden peachy light and see a lovely family scene.

35.Wake up before Mum and make her coffee.

36.Putter in a boat.

37.Sleep on sandy sheets.

38.Walk around target with Aunt Susie

39.Be the last one to leave the beach.

40.Put some favorite music on my phone- such as classics from the Bangles

41.When rushing, stop.

42.Take my “feelings medicine

43.Write about what scares me the most. (Anorexia).



46.Rub Frida’s belly and Linus’ chest.

47.Allow Mim to do two “science experiments”.

48.Search out new playgrounds with twirlers.

49.Return my friends’ texts and phonecalls so they know I love them

50.Walk around Homegoods with Mum and Amanda while swearing to Mim she can’t buy anything and then agree to buy her mermaid fins and jelly beans by the cash register.

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