I’m in love with Instagram

This isn’t an infatuation. It is a long term relationship (4,364 posts and climbing over a 6 year period). Not exactly monogamous because I like Facebook and I highly enjoy Pinterest (I have a thing about the categorizing of deciding what board a pin goes on that is just delightful.)

But Instagram. It is a visual feast available in my pocket.

I am sharing a few of my favorite instagram posts with you.

This photo is my two youngest with so much pretty. What could be more picturesque than a cliff over the water and flower petals. We were in LaJolla, CA waiting for our oldest to get out of her hospital program for her eating disorder. It is that juxtaposition of family and life and motherhood- the beauty and the light with the suffering and the despair all mixed together.
Remembering a day when we took our kids and my friend’s kids to explore an urban area by a goat farm that has artists’ studios. I love a good field trip and if there is a hint of danger or trespassing then the teenagers like it even more. This is Tuck going a tad too far.

And give me the mundane. A trip to the grocery turns into an opportunity to see the glory of life. The cuteness. The memories of kids who fit in carts. One of the highlights of Instagram for me is that I can do it anywhere. A hobby with no mess.
I need celebrations of color to survive. As I have gotten older, I have become more visual and I crave beautiful images. This is it for me – my oldest with my youngest. Addy and Mim in the sunshine.

More photos to come. More instagrams to share. More visual feasts to distract myself.

I humbly request your follows and likes or comments.


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