Hysterectomies and Girls with disabilities

Heaven help me and Mercy me. Mim is 10. Her first friend got her period. This event is a rite of passage and every woman has something to say about a child in third grade at the age of 8 starting her period. We all talk about when we got our period. The age. The… Continue reading Hysterectomies and Girls with disabilities

When I am angry, sad or losing it…

I think of what to say around dinnertime after you are long gone. OHHH And it is good. My comebacks and witty retorts are so good. And I ruminate on my marinating thoughts of what I should have said. My stewing gets me nowhere. Sooooooo, *I take a bath. *I light candles with names like… Continue reading When I am angry, sad or losing it…

The Bathtub

I wrote this piece for my writing class. Spring of 2018. I still get these feelings like I'm going to need to crawl out of my own skin. Like I can't possibly be a person in this moment, in this skin. Like this body, this life didn't work and I have to get out. I have to escape. I picture Mexico for a minute and… Continue reading The Bathtub

Why I Write

I've done everything but start, so here I am. Martee, Write.It's good for you. I write for two reasons1. connection2. healing CONNECTION---- My last time on a carousel was on our last big family trip. It was P. D. meaning Pre- Divorce. It was all 8 of us (2 parents and the 6 kids) in… Continue reading Why I Write