I am a mom. Six kids, actually. Yep, really.

I want to write a memoir. “I read the way a person might swim, to save his or her life. I wrote that way too.” 
― Mary Oliver, Wild Geese And Lordy—-please let me be good at it. Good enough to get my thoughts across. Good enough so that people want to read it and find companionship in my words.

This blog is a step in the direction of becoming a published writer or an avid writer. I’m not sure which yet. My intention is to be an author. Currently, I may be a fraud calling myself an author or a writer but fake it till you make it. If I believe it hard enough maybe I will act like one and I will make it happen. Manifest destiny- I want a working dish washer, too.

[I wrote a blog post about Why I Write. Click to read.]

Why did I choose the name Momoirist? Sounds like me. Or the hopes of what I am becoming.

Momoirist – a memoir written by a motherconcentrating on the experience of motherhood

Image by my son, George

George, my 16 year old, created this little icon of me. I often wear my hair like this- space buns, Princess Leia, two loops. Just today, a guy yelled in a New jersey accent, “I thought you were wearing Mickey ears.” I didn’t smile or glare. I just squinted and kept walking. I teach kindergarten and first grade special ed and the kids find my hair identifiable and memorable and easy to draw with rainbows and hearts.

There are a few references to momoirs on the googler.