Dear IEP team

I wanted to thank you for attending the meeting today. I am still processing what I said, what I heard and what was recommended.I saw it coming when I read the draft but I hoped I was wrong. I saw the indications that Mim was having difficulties in the large group so she was separating […]



I keep doing all this annoying work of self discovery. Ugh. Yes, I do love some of it. When I went alone to a hospital for a newborn twins photography session, I felt like a rock star. The hospital was an hour away in Gainesville and I sang my songs with my friend the radio. […]


Women folx

Only you can redeem the essence of motherhood. The world does not honor us- we saw that through the eyes of a pandemic. And yet as Margaret Renkl reminds us, our ancient association is glorious. Do we all mother? In our different ways- we all create. We nurture. Being am other is universal and so […]