Martee Rodi - Momoirist

My heart is on my sleeve. I am a mom of 6 (ages 10-21). I teach special ed kindergarten and first grade In Atlanta, GA. I wear two loopy ponytails. One of my talents is making nothing look like something. Here I go- my first blog.

Women folx

Only you can redeem the essence of motherhood. The world does not honor us- we saw that through the eyes of a pandemic. And yet as Margaret Renkl reminds us, our ancient association is glorious. Do we all mother? In our different ways- we all create. We nurture. Being am other is universal and so […]



If I were honest, I would tell you, I have shed tears over my new laptop. It is so easy and I have been operating a virtual job, kindling writing aspirations, and shooting thousands of photos to be saved on a broken laptop for a year. The minutes of my day are revolutionized. Can we […]