I am

This is hard. I hear the quivering voice of Sister Mary David, a nun in full white and black habit, as she was assigning our senior thesis- Who is man and Who am I? This was impossible to answer at seventeen at St. Cecilia Academy all girl's Catholic school and even harder now that I… Continue reading I am

My Idols

Dolly PartonFrida KahloAnne Lamottthe Virgin Mary She shines her light. Frida Kahlo, (1910-1954)I named my bulldog Frida. These women light their world. They do not bend and they take no prisoners. They are who they are without apology. The epitome of motherhood and love. (Photo from Octaviabooks.com)She writes how she thinks. Tell your stories. If people wanted you… Continue reading My Idols

The Bathtub

I wrote this piece for my writing class. Spring of 2018. I still get these feelings like I'm going to need to crawl out of my own skin. Like I can't possibly be a person in this moment, in this skin. Like this body, this life didn't work and I have to get out. I have to escape. I picture Mexico for a minute and… Continue reading The Bathtub