The Christmas It Snowed

I wrote this piece for my writing class at The Decatur Writer's Studio. The Christmas I write about was 2010, I believe. I've never been good at remembering years. Addy has had an eating disorder for over 10 years now. And I can talk about the disease and her recoveries and our lives with the… Continue reading The Christmas It Snowed

Groundhog Day

Izzy, Virginia, and George right before the car accident Labour Day, 2011. I was in a car accident. George would have been in the front seat. He would have been killed. By the grace of the God I barely believe in, we had stopped at a gas station and gotten candy and the girls had… Continue reading Groundhog Day

I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again

Deb was standing at the chain link fence in the dirt where the grass won't grow. We dodged our kids scootering in the alley behind our condos. "Do you want to know the hardest part about being divorced?" I wasn't certain I wanted to know. I had been separated a couple of months and the… Continue reading I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again

Our Daddy Saves People

This piece is from a writing class assignment. I wrote it in 2017- looking back on the winter of 2008. Sundays were spent on the Redneck Riviera. Kids yelling over the motor, the dogs would jump in as we left the dock for the sandbar. It could be tricky to get out- low tide for… Continue reading Our Daddy Saves People

When I am angry, sad or losing it…

I think of what to say around dinnertime after you are long gone. OHHH And it is good. My comebacks and witty retorts are so good. And I ruminate on my marinating thoughts of what I should have said. My stewing gets me nowhere. Sooooooo, *I take a bath. *I light candles with names like… Continue reading When I am angry, sad or losing it…

Why I Write

I've done everything but start, so here I am. Martee, Write.It's good for you. I write for two reasons1. connection2. healing CONNECTION---- My last time on a carousel was on our last big family trip. It was P. D. meaning Pre- Divorce. It was all 8 of us (2 parents and the 6 kids) in… Continue reading Why I Write