Jimmy Carter – Second part

At 9am the orientation began. Jan and another woman advised us fervently. “This is not a meet and greet.” This is Sunday School. Do not stand and clap for President Carter. Do not touch him. Do not tell him how you are related. (I guess that includes me telling him that I lived two doors down from Chip Carter in 2010.) Do not try to … Continue reading Jimmy Carter – Second part

Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School June 2018

The website for Maranatha Baptist Church said that arriving by 5:30am would likely lead to no trouble in acquiring a seat in a pew of the church for President Carter’s Sunday School. I left Decatur at 2:45 and arrived at 5:25am. Through the darkness I could see that the church was on the edge of town. Plowed fields and trees with dramatic hanging limbs were … Continue reading Jimmy Carter’s Sunday School June 2018