family life

Tucky Lucky

Just heartsick for this boy. I had no idea he had these flip flops or that he washed out his wet suit in a baby pool. I don’t know what waves he surfed and if he got to close to the rocky cliffs. I don’t know because I live too many miles away from him. […]


Sat at my feet

I cried and cried as she sat at my feet. I tried to wipe the tears casually with my shoulder. My hands were unavailable. It was a manicure/pedicure. On her tiny rolling stool she was almost kneeling at my feet and I felt way too out of my element. It felt downright lenten. I am […]



I am a lover of rituals. Easter requires crafts, candy, photos, baskets and family. It is the making of one great ritual. Throw away the winter. Throw away the blues. It is springtime and time for rebirth. I grew up Catholic and that feature of the religion has become the one I miss or treasure. […]