51 today

I thought about doing one of those posts about what I have learned in my 50th year. Surely I am wiser. Surely I figured out a lot of stuff. Mim gave me these lovely lemon earrings. What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger is a fucking lie. Some people die from the strain of […]


US magazine :(

What is better than people watching and a magazine when waiting at the airport? The Savannah airport is tons easier than the Atlanta airport, so relaxing might be an option. Mim and I hugged George at the security gate empty zig zagging path. He is flying to Maine to kayak with his dad. He returns […]



I quit therapy because I’m special. I’m not like all the other women who have been cheated on and then divorced. I’m different. My therapist kept bringing up boundaries. The concept of boundaries conflicted with my sense of self. I don’t have many boundaries. I mean, I do have some boundaries. For instance, if you […]