I quit therapy because I’m special. I’m not like all the other women who have been cheated on and then divorced. I’m different. My therapist kept bringing up boundaries. The concept of boundaries conflicted with my sense of self. I don’t have many boundaries. I mean, I do have some boundaries. For instance, if you… Continue reading special

Groundhog Day

Izzy, Virginia, and George right before the car accident Labour Day, 2011. I was in a car accident. George would have been in the front seat. He would have been killed. By the grace of the God I barely believe in, we had stopped at a gas station and gotten candy and the girls had… Continue reading Groundhog Day

I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again

Deb was standing at the chain link fence in the dirt where the grass won't grow. We dodged our kids scootering in the alley behind our condos. "Do you want to know the hardest part about being divorced?" I wasn't certain I wanted to know. I had been separated a couple of months and the… Continue reading I don’t think I’ll ever fall in love again

The Bathtub

I wrote this piece for my writing class. Spring of 2018. I still get these feelings like I'm going to need to crawl out of my own skin. Like I can't possibly be a person in this moment, in this skin. Like this body, this life didn't work and I have to get out. I have to escape. I picture Mexico for a minute and… Continue reading The Bathtub