Patty Griffin When It Don’t Come Easy 🎵Red lights are flashing on the highwayI wonder if we’re gonna ever get homeI wonder if we’re gonna ever get home tonightEverywhere the waters getting roughYour best intentions may not be enoughI wonder if we’re gonna ever get home tonight It is an emergency. 2011 and we were hurt. I wondered if we would ever make it back … Continue reading Hurt

July 2017 facebook post

There is something about being home and being lost. I start thinking my house is the problem. I’m furious with someone and I start to hate everything. Mim is talking more and constantly- she has been talking a lot for years but her conversational style has sped up and she asks questions non stop- which is a great way for her to advocate for herself. … Continue reading July 2017 facebook post

Sat at my feet

I cried and cried as she sat at my feet. I tried to wipe the tears casually with my shoulder. My hands were unavailable. It was a manicure/pedicure. On her tiny rolling stool she was almost kneeling at my feet and I felt way too out of my element. It felt downright lenten. I am unworthy. She massaged my surprisingly shaven legs. I had forgotten … Continue reading Sat at my feet